About Us

The Original Safety Pallet Puller was designed especially to assist with the safe removal of palletised goods from vehicles.

It was created by Adrian Studzinski who ran his own same-day courier business for nearly 20 years. Adrian realised that there needed to be safer method of removing heavy pallets from his van. The common method of unloading inaccessible palletised goods from vehicles, is the driver to use a rope or chain to drag the pallet using a forklift truck; commonly known as ‘slinging’. Slinging is a method which is outdated, time-consuming and, most importantly, dangerous.

The Original Safety Pallet Puller eliminates the need for 'slinging' and leaves the driver free to stand clear from the moving fork lift truck and pallets and the FLT driver safe from the danger of snapping ropes or chains.

Trials have shown that on a typical vehicle to warehouse operation, The Original Safety Pallet Puller has a time saving on average of over 40%.


The is a family run business based in Bradford, West Yorkshire.